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RandM Tornado 6000 Puff Retail Vaporizer Smooth Disposable E Cigarette
RandM Tornado 6000 Puff Retail Vaporizer Smooth Disposable E Cigarette
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RandM Tornado 6000 Puff Retail Vaporizer Smooth Disposable E Cigarette - RandMvape



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Reasonable, compact, and ready to fulfill 6,000 mouthfuls of mind-blowing flavor? Believe it or not – RandM Tornado Disposable Vape Pen Make your every disposable dream a reality here at RandMvape! Stacked with the satisfaction and flavor that you’ve always craved.

RandM Tornado 6000’s refreshing menthol liquid, minty and chilled, keeps things energized and uplifted. 12ml of e-liquid with a N concentration of 02/3/5% is perfect for beginners and is sure to ease your smoking addiction. Even better, this portable e-cigarette pen comes with an 850 mAh battery that can be smoked 6,000 times.

Imagine you are walking in a hot summer day, very bad. what can RandM Tornado 6000 menthol flavored disposable e-cigarette do for you? It gives you a smooth hit to your throat in an instant, quickly helping you get rid of the heat and bringing you a cold sensation!

The cool menthol is a no-frills flavor a cool, breezy vapor that is smooth on the exhale, leaving you with a refreshing menthol taste. Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, you can take it with you wherever you go to refresh, cool down and stay awake.You can get a lot of perks right now!

RandM Tornado 6000 Disposable Device Features

✓ Salt N:0/2/3/5%

✓ Eliquid Capacity  12ML

✓ 6000 Puffs per Device

✓ Air Flow Control

✓ Charger Type C Charging

✓ Material Stainless Steel

✓ Battery Integrated 850 mAh Rechargeable with Type-C

✓ Mesh coil, Best taste

✓ 12 Flavors Available

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