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When are disposable vapes getting banned

Vapers in Mexico: What does AMLO’s decree prohibit?

Is it just the vapers or also the formulas? This is what AMLO’s decree says against the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes in Mexico.

An official decree was signed by which the circulation and marketing of new tobacco products known as vapers or electronic cigarettes will be prohibited . This measure has caused controversy for smokers and non-smokers, but let’s see what the official document says.

Inside the system of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador consented to this arrangement a little more than seven days after the Government Commission for the Security Against Clean Dangers (Cofepris) gave a greatest caution against utilization of electronic cigarettes because of their substance that could be unsafe, because of certain synthetic compounds like vitamin E acetic acid derivation .

This decree applies from now on.

Presently, with the marking of this declaration, there will be new preclusions in regards to vapers that will be unequivocal in halting their utilization , as well as the potential approvals in the event of overstepping the law.

The decree signed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, which presents specifications on the use of vapers in the country.

What does the declaration against vapers forbid?

The decree signed by the President is based mainly on two articles :

The dissemination and commercialization inside the Republic, whatever their starting point, of Electronic N Administration Systems, Similar Systems without N , Alternative N Consumption Systems, electronic cigarettes and disintegrating gadgets with comparative purposes, as well as the solutions and mixtures used in said systems.

Whoever fails to comply with what is stated in the first article shall be subject to the sanctions indicated in the applicable legal provisions .

The decree is based on different points that were also mentioned during the morning conference on Tuesday, such as the advertising campaigns in which minors fall for their consumption , as well as recent studies that have explained the damage in the use of vapers.

For this reason, the freedom of trade in electronic cigarettes will be limited by the possibility of “harming the (health) rights of third parties” .

In addition to banning all displays of vapers, the decree states that it also emphasizes the prohibition of the sale of electronic cigarettes “for the solutions and mixtures of said systems.

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