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What is nic salt juice

Nic Salts E Juice is becoming a very big deal in the United States.

A lot of that is down to JUUL and its growing successes.

But another reason is that it’s slightly different from standard E juice – both in the way it vapes AND the way it hits you.

Nic Salts E Juice is basically designed to give you a bigger hit of N.

And it is a new trend in the vaping scene.

And even if you’ve heard of nic salts juice, you might still be a little confused about what it actually is.

You are probably wondering:

Should I vape it?

  • How is it different from standard E juice?
  • Is the taste/vape different?

All these questions will be answered below.

Nic Salts Juice – A Quick Definition

I will attempt to keep this as basic as could be expected.

But if you don’t like science stuff , just skip this section

First, let’s  look  at  how   works in standard  E juice.

Simply put: standard E-juices, the ones most of us are used to, use freebase N.

This is the standard for the vast majority of the market today.

Freebase N is made utilizing N salts got from tobacco plants which are then treated with alkali to raise the PH level – this cycle returns the N to an impartial, free state.

I got it? Good!

OK, so what about Salts Nic juice?

The two types of vape juice – Nic Salts Juice and standard E Juice – require Nic Salts.

still, with Nic Salt Juice, effects get a little different

In order to create N salt juice, manufacturers use the same N salts used when creating freebase N.

Only here benzoic acid is added. As well as benzoic acid has the contrary impact of ammonia – it minimizes alkalinity and makes the juice smoother.This is why nic salt juices, despite their high concentration of N, vaporize very gently.

It all depends on the reduced alkalinity.

Benefits of N Salts Juice

Nic Salts Juice was created to make vaping more cigarette-like; to give the same style shot.

PAX Laboratories , the creator of the JUUL , was the first to use it commercially.

This is one of the reasons the JUUL is so successful ; it provides a huge hit, similar to smoking, but is still very, very smooth and flavorful.

Other Benefits of N Salts Juice

  • You vape less (because there is more N)
  • Ideal for MTL vaping(and pod devices)
  • Helps smokers kick their habit properly by simulating a tobacco-grade N hit
  • It’s very smooth (even at high concentrations)

Nic Salts Juice presumably Not Great For Your RDA

High VG juices are great , especially when vaped with low levels of N, as you get a really smooth, flavorful vape.

Add some N salts juice into the mix, however, and while you’ll get a smooth vape, you could make yourself sick from too much N.

Why ? N levels are much higher than in standard juice.

For this reason, you probably want to stick with MTL tanks and pod systems when vaping.

Juice of N salts .

Essentially, Nic Salts Juice isn’t so much for cloud chasers.

Nic Salts Juice is for those looking for a cigarette-like N hit; those who dislike the taste of traditional N-rich E juice; and, finally, those who may want to vape less.

Interested in Nic Salts Juice?

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